A firm prepared to face the new challenges posed by technological development in the twenty first century.

One of the firms with the furthest projection in the field of technology and law in Colombia.

An innovative firm pioneer in providing advisory in law and technology in Latin America.

A firm that advises initiatives that look to meet the consumers’ needs in the best way possible by using technological tools that boost the local and regional economy.

We advise our clients in the legal framework that surrounds innovation.


On November 3 of 2016, a user filed a complaint against the mobile platform RAPPI for his information to be deleted from their databases, as he didn’t want to receive any more text messages or emails from the company. However, he continued to receive publicity from the company, so he decided to file a formal complaint in the Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio (SIC).

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Vanegas Morales highlighted on Chambers and Partners ranking


The firm entered the famous ranking “Boosted by an impressive feedback” of their clients; in their own words they describes our firm principal associate Stella Vanegas Morales as “an excelent attorney, clear and efficient”, as well as “an attorney with a deep and wide knowledge on legal affairs referred to data protection”.

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Project looking to give a clean slate for debtors advances.

This week, a new bill that aims to get hundreds of Colombians who are reported in central risk systems, such as Datacrédito and Transunión, to be subjects of credit again, has been approved in second debate.

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Consulting in data protection - Personal data protection

E Commerce - Consulting in E Commerce.

Cybersecurity and management of security incidents.

They Believe in Us.

Banco Davivienda S.A. - one of Colombia’s biggest financial entities

The firm advises this client in the fulfillment of Colombian regulation of personal data, particularly of law 1266 of 2008 on treatment of financial information. Also, the firm advises the client in the design of new apps and digital services taking into account the implications that these have in dealing with personal data.

Compañía de Seguros Bolívar - one of Colombia’s most important insurance companies.

The firm advises this company in the fulfillment of the regulations regarding personal data. The firm has developed documents required by the legislation and which correspond to the demonstrated responsibility. It has also developed personnel training in these issues.

Colmédica Medicina Preparada S.A. - a healthcare institution

The firm advises this company in its fulfillment of the Colombian regulation of personal data. The firm also advises the client in the requirements of the information it presents to the Colombian Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, including registering databases.