Stella Sofía Vanegas Morales

– Founding partner of the firm –

+57 317 4416313

  • Lawyer focused in in facilitating business management, contributing to innovation and to business dynamics.
  • She is experienced in directing and coordinating projects inside companies, focused in reaching results, in conforming committed and efficient teams, and in facilitating processes.
  • She has been the Lawyer for the bank Banco Caldas, the Colmena Corporation, Chief of the Legal Department of Seguros Bolívar (1994-1997), Director of the Private Law Area at Fundación Social and its companies (1997-1998 and July 200 to January 2003), Legal Vice President of the Fundación Social and its companies (2003-2009); Legal Director of Colombia’s Financial Superintendence (2010); Legal Manager of Computec S.A.- Datacrédito, today known as Experian (Sept. 2010 – March 2013).
  • Lawyer from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, 1990.
  • Specialized in Financial Legislation, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, 1994.
  • Specialized in Community Law, Universidad de Alcalá, Spain, 2000.
  • LLM in Laws, Lovaina University, Belgium, 1999.
  • Professor of the module “Data Protection and the Rights of the Consumer” at the Specialization in Commercial Law at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.
  • Third highest GPA in the Specialization in Financial Legislation at Universidad de Los Andes.
Attended areas
  • Personal data protection
  • E-Commerce
  • Cybersecurity and management of security incidents
  • Attention, answers, and complaints related to data protection
  • Consumer rights
  • New developments of Artificial Intelligence