From our beginning, at Vanegas Morales we have committed to excellence, giving our clients true added values.

We are pioneers in our field and we work to change paradigms through the ongoing pursuit of new alternatives in the practice of law. We develop our work through a multidisciplinary perspective that generates benefits for our clients. We have a global vision that is constantly updated in local jurisdiction as well as in that of different countries and in how they interact with each other.

Why Vanegas Morales?


Vanegas Morales Consultores has an extensive knowledge in the new regulations about information technologies, internet, cybersecurity, and personal data, which has allowed it to support the initiatives of companies leaders in different sectors of the Colombian economy.

The firm has consolidated an interdisciplinary and innovative practice with the support of experts in information security, generating a practice that understands its clients’ needs and which allows making decisions from a legal perspective, as well as from the serious analysis of the implications that treating personal information has in business, commercial, and financial activities.

It funds its legal advisement on technical knowledge of new technologies and on the adequate assessment of the risks to achieve implementing the security measures that may be required to abide by Colombian regulation that is applicable to the matter.

From its knowledge and practical scope the firm has facilitated the celebration of alliances between Colombian and foreign companies that seek to implement improvements in the way they approach data holders, in the efficiency of their services, and in the generation of added value in their products.


The firm was constituted in 2013 with the purpose of advising companies and merchants in responsible management, in terms of the law of new technologies and the use of personal data.

The advisory provided for clients in the rising regulation of data protection and its effects in traditional business practices has earned the firm recognition as innovative and visionary, due to the matter in which it provides advising, as well as because of the integral focus with which it addresses the issues.

The relevance of its purpose and of its performance have allowed it to consolidate and position itself among its clients, generating a better understanding of the norms, and contributing to the strengthening of a culture of interest and respect for the adequate handling of personal data.


Vanegas Morales is recognized by clients who trust in its criteria, research, and its thoughtfulness as the foundation of its work. Parting from these values, the firm has consolidated lasting and successful relationships with the clients.


Consulting in data protection - Personal data protection

E Commerce - Consulting in E Commerce.

Cybersecurity and management of security incidents.