We create management systems focused on data protection and tailored to the needs of your company and your business.

We construct working plans focused on overcoming security gaps and strengthening good practices.

We contribute to the analysis of what is happening locally and world wide in privacy matters.

We create consciousness about the current need of knowing the rules and laws, contributing tools in the timely and efficient management of risks that come with the treatment of personal data.


Consulting in data protection - Personal data protection

E Commerce - Consulting in E Commerce.

Cybersecurity and management of security incidents.

They Believe in Us.

Banco Davivienda S.A. - one of Colombia’s biggest financial entities

The firm advises this client in the fulfillment of Colombian regulation of personal data, particularly of law 1266 of 2008 on treatment of financial information. Also, the firm advises the client in the design of new apps and digital services taking into account the implications that these have in dealing with personal data.

Compañía de Seguros Bolívar - one of Colombia’s most important insurance companies.

The firm advises this company in the fulfillment of the regulations regarding personal data. The firm has developed documents required by the legislation and which correspond to the demonstrated responsibility. It has also developed personnel training in these issues.

Colmédica Medicina Preparada S.A. - a healthcare institution

The firm advises this company in its fulfillment of the Colombian regulation of personal data. The firm also advises the client in the requirements of the information it presents to the Colombian Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, including registering databases.