Our Services

At Vanegas Morales Consultores the pillars that sustain and support our advisory are: Knowledge, understanding the business and the environment around it, practical vision, simple and efficient tools, and accompaniment.

Data & Technology

(General law of data protection 1518 of 2012)

  • 360º VISIÓN.   Diagnosis, adoption of priority measures, development and documentation of processes, process flow charts, matrices of classification of databases and risks, tools for fulfillment, and action plan.
  • 180º VISIÓN . Diagnosis, adjustments or improvements to already existing processes and documents, and matrix of classification of databases.
  • We advise our clients in the fulfillment of Colombian regulation of data protection. We have extensive experience in issues related to law 1266 of 2008 and in the attention of the inquiries and complaints presented by data holders.
  • We advise our clients in complex transactions that imply the transmission and assignment of financial and commercial information for the analysis of credit risk.
  • We offer integral advising in the fulfillment of law 1581 of 2012 and its regulatory decrees, with scope to the elaboration of the diagnosis on the compliance status, the drafting of documents, the revision of internal processes, and the risk analysis of the operations that involve the treatment of personal data.
  • We assist our clients in the creation of responses related to data treatment and the revision of fulfillment status. We generate mechanisms to transfer and transmit personal data internationally to multiple jurisdictions in the world.
  • We are leaders in the implementation of mechanisms of accountability or demonstrated responsibility required by the Colombian authority in data protection. Provided to our clients since 2013, its adoption results of great use, generating total satisfaction.
Corporate Government and Compliance.
  • Review and advice on the creation and/or strengthening of corporate governance programs.
  • Training of Officers, Directors and employees.
  • Implementation of best standards and good practices.
  • Legal due diligence (in data privacy and data protection, consumer law, or in contractual, corporate, or intellectual property matters).
  • Reputational due diligence.
  • Building of regulatory frameworks and review of compliance standards.
Advisory on Commercial Law.
  • Preparation, revision and negotiation of commercial agreements or other contractual documents (eg. Technology, Joint Venture, NDA, service agreements, communications of termination and/or suspension of contracts, minutes, among others).
  • Preparation and filing of procedures before the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá regarding corporations or nonprofit organizations (eg. Incorporation and filing of minutes, among others).
  • Preparation and revision of securities (eg. promissory notes, among others).
  • Advisory on intellectual and industrial property and application for the registration of trademarks or copyrights.
  • Drafting of legal opinions and/or training in commercial law matters (data privacy and data protection, intellectual property, consumer law, antitrust and unfair competition law, contractual matters, securities, among others).
  • Preparation, revision and filing of legal documents (powers of attorney, petitions to authorities, among others).
  • Incorporation of Consortiums and similar figures.
Cybersecurity & Data Privacy
  • We are leaders in the legal management that the implementation of security measures must follow, in the same way as in the management of security incidents that compromise personal data. For this, we have developed a series of products aimed at implementing the adequate measures, without generating excessive and unjustified costs.
  • We seek that our clients understand the information security requirements in order to properly cover the risk, satisfying the standards promoted by authorities and finding the best mechanisms for this purpose.
  • We train our clients in the management of security incidents, by reporting these incidents to the authorities, and elaborating internal guides to diligently respond to these events, looking to protect the client’s reputation and the attention to inquiries and complaints related to data protection.
  • Vanegas Morales has developed a very complete product for the management of the responses to inquiries and complaints related to the treatment of data protection, parting from the fact that many of the investigations are generated from non satisfactory answers or those given outside of the timelines signaled by the applicable norms.
  • To attend this problem, we have developed a methodology of response that analyzes the background, the applicable norms, and the internal processes so that, based on all this information, a complete, adequate, and timely answer can be given to the holder.
E Commerce - Consulting in E Commerce
  • We have extensive knowledge of management of Colombian regulation related to E Commerce, from which we advise our clients in the use of data messages, electronic and digital signatures and intangible securities.
  • Our purpose is providing a service that allows clients develop their processes in technological and digital media.
  • Revision of recollection mechanisms and storage in electronic channels.
  • Identification of legitimate opportunities of contact.
  • Creation or adjustment of terms and conditions of apps, websites, and other virtual media related to customers or users.